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The Girls' Brigade

There has been a Girls' Brigade company at South Craven Baptist Church for 50 years. When the company was formed in 1963, the organisation was called the Girls' Life Brigade. The uniform was very formal- hats, blazers, ties and strictly no trousers! How things have changed. Today we can be found wearing hoodies, singing, dancing and getting up to all sorts of interesting things.

Throughout the 120 year history of the Girls' Brigade, there has always been one constant. This is a Christian organisation with the principles of love and service at its heart. Our activity programme reflects this, with a spiritual element running through. The girls hear stories from the Bible and learn how to relate the example of Jesus to the morality and dilemmas of modern life. Life skills are an important part of what we do, as it's good for a 6 year old to learn to skip and a 16 year old to make a meal.

With girls ranging from 5 to 18, the activities are geared towards the interests and abilities of each age group. As well as the Christian element, the activity themes include food, our environment, people who help us, technology, looking good and social involvement. Whatever their age, our girls love playing games, singing action songs and making things. We regularly have our artwork used in church to illustrate the theme of Sunday services and make small gifts to give out to the congregation.
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