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South Craven Baptist Church

There has been a Baptist Church in Sutton in Craven since 1711. From humble beginnings in a property near the High Street, to the magnificent buildings erected on the site by Holme Bridge in the nineteenth century and now replaced by the modern multi purpose building that you see standing back from the road.

The outline of the modern stainless steel sculpture that you see on arriving at the church exemplifies the purpose of the church to be a church in the heart of community. Using the symbolism dating back generations of a fish to represent Christianity and the modern shape to represent an eye giving the concept that God is watching over his people. The pupil of the eye is represented by the figure of a person. The cross which is at the heart of the person is hollow and so allows light to shine through it and typifies God's love shining through his people to the community in which they both live and worship.

You are more than welcome to join us for worship and in the activities that take place in our buildings which are extremely well used by community groups. At this present time the church is going through a period of transitional ministry as we seek to understand God's purposes for the future.

In 1970 the old Victorian church was demolished and the present modern building errected on the site. The church at Glusburn which was originally established in the early 20th century by members of Sutton following lengthy discussions decided to reunite with Sutton and the South Craven Baptist Church was founded in 2001
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South Craven Baptist Church
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